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Produk Kunci Hotel
Elevator Controllers
Elevator Controllers

The RFID Elevator Controller for Visionline and Vision systems is designed to fit into elevator panels and can be operated offline or online.

The security level of the hotel will increase, as only guests with a valid keycard will have access to the elevators


  • Modern and minimalistic design – based on the same reader unit as Signature RFID locks
  • Possible to limit access to floors according to each guest or staff’s keycard privileges
  • Seven to eight relay outputs to selectively enable the elevator call buttons is delivered as standard
  • Extendable with up to 15 extra relay modules, each with eight relay outputs, which gives a maximum of 128 relay outputs (Visionline version) 
  • Can also control different devices, such as electric strikes and motor locks
  • Fully compatible with Vision and Visionline system

Ring around the reader can be delivered in black, satin chrome, satin brass, polished chrome or polished brass

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