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OnPoint Encoder
Front Desk System
OnPoint Encoder

The OnPoint® encoder is Onity's newest hospitality product providing a number of new features for the front desk staff. The color touch-screen interface with Quick Action buttons make the encoder simple to use. The encoder offers TCP / IP connectivity "hot swap" encoder decks making it easy and affordable for hotels to upgrade card technologies without replacing the entire front desk system.

The OnPoint system supports up to 8 encoders, all networked and synchronized back to a parent encoder. Multiple encoders can be designated to take over for the parent if it goes offline. OnPoint also provides remote database backup, enhanced configuration options for hotels, and four USB ports for printing, memory, and enhanced connectivity. Obtaining technical support is also easier than ever, as OnPoint utilizes web-based connectivity to Onity's 24/365 technical support team.

The check-in and check-out experience can be managed much more quickly and efficiently with OnPoint's features and capablities, providing a better overall stay for your guests.



  • Innovative touch screen with Quick Action buttons
  • TCP / IP connectivity
  • IP based or serial PMS interface
  • "Hot-swap" modular encoding deck
  • Insertion encoder deck (HiCo and LoCo)
  • Motorized deck for encoding on tracks 1 and 2, HiCo
  • Web-based technical support
  • USB or SD memory card backup
  • USB printer support (standard PCL 5/6)
  • Onity supports non-proprietary MIFARE® keycards
  • Compatible with existing Onity locks
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