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Products - Electronic Locks
Improving Aesthetics and Ease of Use Without Compromising Security ADVANCE RFID combines all the aesthetic options of the modular, design-centric ADVANCE lock with the security and reliability of contact-less RFID technology. Since no physical contact ...
​Contact-less room entry has quickly become a hotel industry standard and Onity is leading the way in advancing RFID technology to optimize security, ease of use and aesthetics. Existing HT24  locks can be easily converted to RFID technology in ...
Crafted For Any Property Size Whether you have a dozen rooms or 6, 000 rooms, the HT24 locking system can help solve your locking needs.   The Onity HT24 system is simple and easy to use, allowing your staff to perform at optimum efficiency. ...
90% Of the Power Of An On-Line System At 1/5 Of the Cost Designed for multi-applications, this solution is the closest stand-alone lock to an on-line locking system. The HT28 Smart system, in conjunction with the Revalidator, improves the security, ...
Versatile and scalable, the  Integra system provides rugged hardware and intuitive access  management for Educational, Military/Gov, and other commercial applications.    
From a leading provider of electronic locks for 30 years, the n​​ew Onity Trillium® lock series features a sleek design to complement modern hotel aesthetics. Options include a standard mag stripe lock, RFID locks with MIFARE Plus® ​ capability, ...