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System & Software
  Our Visionline software system is a wireless locking solution that allows stand-alone electronic hotel locks to operate in online mode through Radio Frequency (RF-online) ...
Electronic Locks
From a leading provider of electronic locks for 30 years, the n​​ew Onity Trillium® lock series features a sleek design to complement modern hotel aesthetics. Options include ...
Energy Management Systems
Onity' s SensorStat Energy Management System merges digital temperature control with PIR occupancy sensing, and HVAC setback strategies to create an intelligent energy management ...
RFID Locker Lock The VingCard RFID Locker Lock provides high security and comfort for lockers and cabinets using proximity RFID carriers (RFID keycards, wristbands, keyfobs, etc. ) ...
Remote Controller for Vision and Visionline The VingCard Remote Controller is fully compatible with VingCard electronic locking systems and provides access control on common doors, ...
Electronic In-Room Safes
​Onity' s feature-enhanced stand-alone in-room safe. Ideal safe combining attractive design and guest peace of mind. Also available in wall mount design.
Always a “ Full House” in Your Hands We offer the most extensive range of keycards and RFID carriers to help you manage your property and access credentials for your ...
Electronic Locks
Crafted For Any Property Size Whether you have a dozen rooms or 6, 000 rooms, the HT24 locking system can help solve your locking needs.   The Onity HT24 system is simple and ...
By installing a VingCard Exit Device on your emergency exit, you maintain full access control from the outside, as well as an easy and safe escape in case of an emergency. The emergency ...
The Smart Way to Save Money We offer a complete range of in-room energy control units, the perfect combination to provide in-room comfort to your guests, while saving energy and ...
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